Full Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machines: Streamlining Resource-Saving Packaging
In the world of packaging, efficiency and appearance matter. Hugo Beck, a renowned name in the industry, offers fully automatic horizontal Form Fill and Seal (FFS) machines that cater to diverse sectors and products. Let’s delve into the details:Get more news about Full Automatic Horizontal,you can vist our website!

What Are Full Automatic Horizontal FFS Machines?
Hugo Beck’s machines are designed for resource-saving packaging in both film and paper. These robust systems operate worldwide, handling various products and volumes. Here are some key features:

Versatility: Hugo Beck’s machines cover a performance range of up to 18,000 cycles per hour. Whether you’re packaging food, consumer goods, or industrial products, these FFS machines adapt seamlessly.
Drive and Control Technology: Equipped with cutting-edge drive and control technology (often from Siemens or Rockwell Automation), these machines ensure precision and reliability.
Hygienic Design: For specific applications, Hugo Beck manufactures machines in a hygienic design, ideal for industries with stringent cleanliness requirements.
Intermittent vs. Continuous FFS Machines
The choice between intermittent and continuous FFS machines depends on your product and packaging needs:

Intermittent FFS Machines:
Ideal for speeds up to 6,000 cycles/hour.
Flexible all-rounders suitable for various packaging applications.
Examples: flexo 500 (packaging speeds), flexo 700 (large format), and flexo 700 e-com (for e-commerce).
Continuous FFS Machines:
Suited for high-speed production.
Examples: servo X series (available in different performance ranges) and servo X 800 (for large-format products).
Hugo Beck’s full automatic horizontal FFS machines combine efficiency, quality, and adaptability. Whether you’re packaging food, textiles, or industrial components, these machines streamline your production process while ensuring appealing packaging.